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Curing Diseases through

Placental Derived Stem Cell Therapy

The growing need for stem cells for regenerative medicine requires a dramatic increase in stem cell resources.

PLASALUS LLC has developed patented technologies to obtain, preserve and use fetal stem cells from the term human placenta, a tissue that is commonly discarded after birth of the baby. This simple and highly cost effective approach is compatible with normal child birth practices and will greatly improve stem cell resources.

The placental derived stem and progenitor cells are viable, numerous and have shown to have a high therapeutic potential in cell culture, murine model and ex vivo human systems.tl2

The entire placenta or the harvested cell product can be stored similar to cord blood, a well accepted source of stem cells, used by severalhundred cordblood banks in the world.

PlaSalus LLC applies cutting edge stem cell science, which does not hurt human life, to provide a breakthrough that can relieve needless human suffering



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