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PLASALUS LLC was founded by Frans Kuypers and Vladimir Serikov in 2008, based on their original findings that showed the presence of an abundant hematopoietic and multipotent stem cell population in the fetal tissue of the human term placenta.

Dr. Kuypers is an expert in translational research in hemoglobinopathies and director of the red blood cell laboratory (RBClab.com). He was involved in the establishment of the NIH supported sibling cord blood program, and has a long time interest in improving the quality of life of patients with thalassemia or sickle cell disease.

Dr. Serikov is a surgeon, expert in pulmonary physiology and stem cell biology. His main interest is therapeutic use of adult and fetal placental stem cells in acute inflammatory disorders like ARDS, ALI and sepsis. He has published extensively on the use of stem cells in tissue regeneration.

The CEO of PLASALUS, Dr. Fernando Viteri, is a highly respected biologist and expert in placental physiology.

The team is supported by academic partners (Dr. M.A. Matthay, UCSF, San Francisco and Dr. Bender, Fred Hutchinson Seattle, Dr. L. Ortiz, University of Pittsburg), and highly respected advisors in the field of cell biology and cord blood transplantation (Dr. Bruce Ames, and Dr. Betram Lubin).