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Hematopoietic Stem cells

Multipotent Stem cells

Multipotent stem cells

Our research has shown that human term placentas not only contains stem cells that can replace blood making stem cells in the marrow, but also that so called mesenchymal stem cell lines can be obtained from the fetal side (the chorion) of human term placenta with high therapeutic potential in human organ pathology. These cells are positive for embryonic stem cell markers, and can be differentiated into neuron-like cells (ectoderm), adipocytes, osteoblasts, or endothelial-like cells (mesoderm) and hepatocytes (endoderm) – derivatives of all three germ layers. Importantly, these cells effectively facilitated repair of injured epithelium as demonstrated in an ex vivo perfused human lung preparation injured by E.coli endotoxin and in in vitro human lung epithelial cultures

Nazarov, I., Lee, J. W., Soupene, E., Etemad, S., Knapik, D., Green, W., Bashkirova, E., Fang, X., Matthay, M. A., Kuypers, F. A., and Serikov, V. B. (2012) Multipotent stromal stem cells from human placenta demonstrate high therapeutic potential, Stem cells translational medicine 1, 359-372