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Hematopoietic Stem cells

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Placental Stem Cell Harvesting

After delivery of the baby and the placenta, cordblood is collected and the formulated PlaSalus harvesting and preservation solution is supplied into the circulation of the term placenta.

Subsequently the cell product can be harvested from the fetal circulation, and processed similarly to the cordblood unit.

Alternatively a storage solution is supplied into the fetal circulation and the entire placenta can be preserved in Liquid Nitrogen, for future use in regenerative medicine.




Placental Hematopoietic Stem cells

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Placental Multipotent Stem Cells

Nazarov, I., Lee, J. W., Soupene, E., Etemad, S., Knapik, D., Green, W., Bashkirova, E., Fang, X., Matthay, M. A., Kuypers, F. A., and Serikov, V. B. (2012) Multipotent stromal stem cells from human placenta demonstrate high therapeutic potential, Stem cells translational medicine 1, 359-372